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Tweety Pie

A very sweet canary This is our canary Tweety Pie. Tweety Pie was named after the famous cartoon character Tweety Pie.
We discovered Tweety in February 1999 in our garden. Outside it was cold as ice. Thom carefully drove him inside the house. Once inside the bird warmed itself near the central heating. Then we put him in a cage; the cage of our agapornis Karel, who died some months before.

Tweety Pie is accostumed now to his new circumstances. He sings a lot. His favorite song is Believe by Cher.

Two months a year, during summer he's going through the difficult phase of losing feathers and growing new ones. He loses his tail and is looking silly. Also the part of hiss brain, that directs his singing is growing new cells. For this reason canaries won't sing during moult.

Click on the picture, if you want to see the larger picture: This is Tweety Pie

Seeds, dandelion leaves, lettuce and apple are Tweety's favorite food. He's very particular. Because he lost some feathers during winter, the petvet ordered to give him homegrown food. I mingle this through his seed and hope he swallows it.
Tweety flies around our sitting room in the morning, whistling his favorite tunes.
He's not very interested in us, but all the more in other birds. In winter all kinds of birds come to our garden to eat the seeds we put there, while Tweety sings to them from the window sill.
Lately he finds us a bit more interesting. He laughs at me in the morning, because he knows I'll give him breakfast.

Sleepy Tweety Pie One night in 2010 Tweety Pie died quietly in his sleep. He reached the age of 15. We buried him in the garden, next to Karel, the agapornis.

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