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[A drawing of our garden] In 2011 we almost replaced all very high conifers by lower laurel bushes.

In 1999 this was the situation:

I'd like to have a beautiful garden, but I haven't (yet). Perhaps the problem is, that I rather like to see a garden, or read about gardens than work in it. I constantly pull out weeds, I sow seed, I order bulbs and each year let Thom plant some perennials and add selfmade compost, but I'm never satisfied. The ground is a heavy clay, so you'd think it would be rich enough, but now there is moss growing in the front garden. In the garden at the back I try to keep a precarious balance between wild strawberries, ivy and Lady's Cloak (Alchemilla mollis) and a part is overtaken by citroenmelisse (melissa officinalis). Another thing that isn't making it all too easy is, that I don't want a garden that is too trimmed, but it musn't turn into a wilderness either.

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